Monthly Archives: February 2013

GIMP xcf file size reduction

If you are a GIMP user you can end up with plenty of .xcf files.  I do all my editing with xcfs after importing from RAW with the excellent ufraw-gimp plugin.  But they can get pretty big…

Step forward bzip2.  If you are running linux, you will already have bzip installed, and the bonus is that GIMP can read and write natively its xcf files compressed with bzip.  There is a small performance hit on opening and saving files, but you can save 10-40% of file-size; that can easily be 40 MiB for a simple file with a couple of layers. Continue reading

Updating camera settings with gphoto2

gphoto2 is a cool little command line utility to remotely control many digital cameras and their settings.  Grab it out of your repository, connect your camera by USB, turn on and enjoy. Continue reading

1&1 quietly enable ipv6

I’ve been waiting for 1&1 to sort themselves out for ipv6, and now they’ve slipped some under the radar.

Their customer control panel ( has been ipv6 accessible for a couple of months, but now I find I can turn ipv6 on and off for my domains!  Just go to the DNS settings for your domains and there it is – instant moderness (ha).

Now, if only they’d sort out their mail servers with ipv6 (and DKIM) I’d be a happy bunny.